UFC Champ Chuck Liddell KOs NBA Star ‘Dwight Howard’ on ESPN SportsNation

Although UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell is retired from mixed martial arts, the former light heavyweight champion still packs quite a punch.

That much was demonstrated in dramatic fashion when Liddell recently appeared on ESPN's SportsNation, where the hosts asked him to demonstrate his legendary knockout power against "Dwight Howard" of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Not the real Dwight Howard, mind you—just a cardboard cutout.

But even though the stand-in object wasn't the actual athlete, Liddell flattened his target all the same with a monster haymaker that had the ESPN crew yelling in amazement.

Considering that Liddell has been out of action since his final MMA match against fellow former UFC champion Rich Franklin at UFC 115, "The Iceman" seems like he's still a force to be reckoned with.

However, the real-life Dwight Howard may not have gone down as easily as his cardboard cutout.

Commonly recognized as one of the greatest young athletes in NBA history, Howard is remarkably large even by general MMA standards.

Standing at 6'11" in height and billed at 265 pounds, the current LA Lakers' center and former Orlando Magic team member is both taller and heavier than anyone that Liddell has ever fought over the course of his entire MMA career.

Regardless, Liddell's fighting days are well behind him, and he's thankfully not likely to be punching out professional basketball players at any time or place in the near future.

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