Twitter Reacts to Kobe Bryant’s Possible Torn Achilles

With how much the Los Angeles Lakers have depended on Kobe Bryant this season, no one could have been prepared for what happened late Friday night.  

The Lakers' official Twitter account reported that Kobe likely suffered a torn Achilles:

The news is devastating not only to Lakers fans, but fans of the NBA in general.  The Lakers have been depending on Kobe to help push them into the playoffs, but now that isn't going to happen.

With the horrible news, Twitter reacted to the Black Mamba's injury.

Dave McMenamin shared this about the reaction in the Lakers locker room:

Tim Reynolds brought in his opinion about people criticizing Mike D’Antoni for playing Kobe too much:

Players around the NBA tweeted out for support, including Matt Barnes, Mo Williams and Jamal Crawford:


Even the NFL world got involved, with Richard Sherman, Robert Griffin III and even Terrell Owens reaching out:



If there's any good news out of this, it's this response by Kobe, courtesy of SportsCenter:

Marc Stein got another encouraging quote from Kobe:



It's clearly a tragic event, and the sports world has been shaken because of the injury to Kobe, Vino, the Black Mamba or whatever you want to call him.

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