Top Five Tough Guys and Punks On Celtics and Lakers

Take a look at Glen "Big Baby" Davis.  He does look like a crybaby.

And he had the nerve to stand up to Milwaukee's Brandon Jennings after knocking him to the floor in a game against the Bucks.

Jennings, all 165 pounds, soak and wet, stepped to Big Baby and didn't back down from the 300-pounder.

I guess Davis didn't know that Jennings was from Compton, CA. 

That's why I think he's the top-rated punk on my list from both NBA Finals teams.

Kobe Bryant is No. 2 on my list.  He can't fight his way out of a paper bag. 

Shaquille O'Neal was his "bodyguard" during the years they won championships together with the Lakers.

Now he has Ron Artest to watch his back.

I guess every NBA superstar need tough guys to protect them.

Hockey teams have enforcers to protect their star player.

What did Kobe do after getting caught with the young chick in Colorado?  He bought his wife a huge ring.

To this day, he's probably catering to her with the snap of her fingers.

Now we know who wears the pants in that house.

Did I mention that it was his wife who wanted their housekeeper fired?

I guess he'll do anything to keep her around as a trophy girl!

Boston's Paul Pierce, from L.A., is my third-rated punk.  He probably can't get a pass when he visits L.A.

Too much of that Boston flavor in him and no street cred in Cali.  

Pau Gasol isn't really a punk at No. 4.  He's just a wimp.

He won't help Spain defend their World Championship this summer.

Boo Hoo Hoo!

The doctor said he needs to rest.  Punk!

Gasol didn't have that problem playing in the Olympics in 2008.

If Andrew Bynum would've played college ball, he would've been punked on the court.  

I th...

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