Top 10 Athletes’ Beers To Be Made, With Los Angeles Lakers Ron Artest

What’s the number one sports drink in the world? Gatorade? Yeah, right. Powerade? Think again. Vitamin Water? Not even close. The real man’s answer? Beer. That’s right, those frosty cool suds are what makes sports go round. Sports fans everywhere guzzle down beer like it’s coming from their mother’s teet. Which would make her the world’s best mom. But after a Cleveland Brewery released a LeBron James inspired brew recently, the sports world had a new marketing method. Thirty gallons of the beer, appropriately named “Quitness,” sold out in three hours during it’s original release. The inspiration, however, was not a good thing. “Quitness” is a dry-hopped pale ale with a notably bitter aftertaste, which parallels the feeling of Cav's fans everywhere. Imagine the drink they’d make if the Browns left again. Beer is such a profitable market in sports, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone if more athletes got a cool one named after them. Whether out of admiration or spite, some stars just deserve it more than others. Guess who they are! Follow me on Twitter at Rossel64 and check out more from me at LA Sports Examiner. Begin Slideshow


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