Time for L.A. Lakers To Trade Andrew Bynum? Shaky Team Play May Dictate Move

Are the Los Angeles Lakers and owner Dr. Jerry Buss seriously considering a blockbuster trade that would involve moving Andrew Bynum?

The potential-laden young center for the Lakers is seemingly healthy again and playing significant minutes for the champs.  In the three games he has started since coming back from summer knee surgery, Bynum has averaged 11.7 points on 15-26 shooting, 11 rebounds, and most importantly, a tad under 30 minutes per game on the floor. 

Not coincidentally, the Lakers snapped a sorry three-game losing skid with a huge win over the Hornets, followed up by a second victory at home against the Sixers on New Year’s Eve, a game in which Bynum had 15 rebounds including 13 on the defensive end.  They lost badly to Memphis on Sunday, but Bynum was impressive with five blocked shots, 11 rebounds and nine points in 27 minutes.

So is now the time to showcase the 23-year-old native of Plainsboro, New Jersey and trade him while his value is high?  Most teams in the NBA would love to have such a player anchoring their middle for years to come. 

Or, is it best to hold onto what many people see as the centerpiece of the Lakers future, built around the most talented young center the team and fans have seen in L.A. since the days of The Big Diesel, Shaquille O’Neal?

There’s at least five good reasons to trade Bynum and five good reasons for keeping him in Los Angeles. 

Let’s take a look.

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