This Isn’t the Team To Beat: Lakers Perish, Too Lackadaisical

Never mind it being the best, most well-rounded basketball team in Hollywood, the most entertaining team in a community where movie stars crowded the streets of Hollywood for the Oscar awards Sunday evening. Deep down inside, witnessing Sandra Bullock win an award for leading actress was more galvanizing than watching the Los Angeles Lakers’ continuous struggles to win games.

It’s both fascinating and mind-blowing to watch arguably the most talented franchise in the NBA unravel and fade away from title conversions.  All that said, the defending champs recent disastrous stumbles raise concerns as to whether the Lakers can repeat and defend their title.

In a big town such as Los Angeles, the well-known basketball franchise is the town’s trademark, a way for L.A. sporting fans to interact and cheer on the purple and gold. Whether or not the Lakers have been deteriorating because of lethargy and careless lapses, the team still embodies humanity and essence within a diverse and hysterical environment.

Fans still believe in the Lakers, a championship-driven team with all the components to amass its 17th title and tie them with their archenemies the Boston Celtics for the most championships in NBA history.

Fans believe it’s a team to be reckoned with, simply for its experience and depth.

Fans believe the Lakers remain invincible and impossible to beat, only because they possess the most dangerous and finest finisher in the game, Kobe Bryant. In this way, the Lakers are unique and have been one of the NBA's most amazing franchises.

Where amazing happened (not to mention thrilling heroics whenever Kobe’s buzzer-beaters fell) hasn’t been too amazing recently.  Its dreadful to think that the Lakers aren’t described as fierce villains any more. If anything, you’re staring at an enigmatic team that seems unsure of themselves and fails to find its rhyt...

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