The World’s Hottest Lakers Fan: Shalini Singh

This hometown L.A. girl and die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan has all the makings of this week's Hometown Hottie of the Week.

Shalini Singh is not only stunning and beautiful but also one of the most educated and sophisticated models we have encountered. Beauty can go a long way in life, but it is intelligence and that level of class that not everyone has. After interviewing “Shal,” we now know that she is every bit as classy as we thought.

While her parents were born in India, Shalini was born in the U.S. and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA, close to Malibu. She graduated from UCLA and embarked on a career as an on-air reporter for the International Channel.

From there, she made a move to mainstream news and worked at KTTV Fox 11 in Los Angeles as a Production Associate. She worked on the morning newscast with Jillian Barberie Reynolds, host of FOX 11′s Good Day LA and ex-co-host of “The Best Damn Sports Show.” Shalini thought it was a blast meeting celebrities at the studio and, being the celebrity junkie she is, it fed her appetite to watch a daily dose of TMZ.

Shal moved to the Bay Area a few years ago but her heart remains in L.A. She worked as an online news writer for NBC-affiliate KNTV before moving to a PR agency. Currently, she is the head writer and marketing specialist for an agency called FIRST 5.

In addition to a busy modeling career, she recently wrote a children’s book, with hundreds of thousands of copies soon to be circulated throughout California. Although she enjoys writing, her energy and personality come alive when she is on camera, either interviewing or modeling.

We asked Shalini a few questions on and here is what we found out:

TPF: Tell us a little about your modeling career. What do you plan on accomplishing?

Shalini: My modeling goal is to keep taking stunning pictures! I usually e...

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