The Top Five Attributes of an NBA Postseason

The regular season’s 82 games has been compared to that of a marathon time and again. If that comparison holds any accuracy, the playoffs can only amount to one critical, final sprint. The criteria for a postseason making its way into the NBA’s most historic ranks certainly varies. While one postseason may prove to be historic due to a single series alone, another’s historic worth may hinge on stars developing into superstars and superstars developing into legends. Think back to Magic Johnson’s 42-point, 15-rebound, and seven-assist night that propelled the Lakers to victory in the 1980 NBA Finals. That night propelled Johnson to a Finals MVP award in his rookie season–a feat that remains unmatched by any rookie in NBA history. Still, certain attributes are universal of every historic postseason. Which have we seen so far this year? Begin Slideshow


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