The Scottie Pippen Awards: Top 10 Second-Best Players from NBA Champions

Scottie Pippen was probably the most celebrated "No. 2" in history. He is, on the one hand, one of the top 25-30 players in NBA history, yet he was clearly the second-best player on his team. 

It's why "Pippen" has come to mean "No. 2." To some it's taken as a derogatory term, to others an honor. This list is not intended to be a slight to anyone, but as a compliment to everyone on the list. 

I've taken the best "No. 2's" in NBA history, and ranked them 10th to first. In each case I chose the best year if they had multiple championships as a No. 2. 

The criteria were entirely subjective, so you can feel free to disagree. 

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