The Rumors and the Facts: The Lakers’ 2010 Offseason


Whats in store for the Los Angeles Lakers this off season?

LeBron, Ray Allen, Dirk Nowizkti, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade are a few of the big free agents that will be available during this upcoming offseason.

What does that mean for the Lakers?

Well lets just say its gonna be a crazy ride for both the fans and the Lakers' organization.

The biggest rumor flying around is that Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors is considering the Lakers to be one of the five teams he's interested in playing for in the future. One might say, "Is this plausible?" I think it is.

The trade would consist of Andrew Bynum heading to Toronto in exchange for Chris Bosh. That is the basic jest of it.

The other big question is would it be a positive? The answer is yes. Sadly Andrew Bynum, once considered the future of this Lakers' team is slowly but surely slowing down due to recent injuries. His body wasn't the problem, it was his luck. I mean you know your luck is bad when one of your major injuries was caused by a fellow team mate, Kobe Bryant.

Just imagine with me for one moment. The Lakers won a championship with this current team minus Ron Artest. Are you really going to tell me adding a border line superstar of Bosh won't make this team better? No, no one in their right mind would say so.

The only problem it may cause is a lack in depth at the center position. I truly believe that the Lakers can fill that hole with Lamar and Bosh's length. Their God-given physicality allows the Lakers to be one of the few teams to play with a true center.

Now I'm not saying that the Lakers won't have a true center. We have Pau Gasol for heavens sake. He is considered the best post player since Kevin McHale. This means that the Lakers will have a close to perfect team.

I'm guessing that Derek Fisher will leave or retire after this season so, the Lakers will probably put ...

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