The Next 14: NBA Players Deserving To Be Added to the All-Time Team

NBA fans were treated to a special show during the halftime of the 1997 All-Star game at Gund Arena in Cleveland.

As the 50 greatest players in gathered together (minus absentees Shaquille O'Neal, Jerry West, and the late Pete Maravich), never before has the NBA seen a more impressive collection of talent standing together. 

Fourteen years have passed since that historic moment which made me thinking about all the great players that have graced the game ever since. 

If the NBA were to put together a Top 64 team right now, who would deserve to be on that list?

In order to come up with 14 players deserving to be on a Top 64 list, I put in place a few ground rules:

1. Every player on the Top 50 team would still be on the Top 64 team. 

2. Players that weren't originally on the Top 50 team but perhaps deserved to be were eligible players to use.

3. Any current players added to the list had to be in the NBA a minimum of five years...and even then had to have some major accomplishments on their resume already.

To sum up their careers, I have listed stats and individual honors. Numbers in parentheses indicate an all-time ranking.

With that said, here are the worthy NBA players, in no particular order, deserving to be on the Top 64 Team.

Did I miss anyone that should have belonged on the list? Let me know whether you agree with the 14 players mentioned.

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