The NBA’s Top 30 Point Guards

Is it too early to call this year the year of the point guard?

Maybe so, but either way, the amount of point guards that are leading teams is amazing. 

Name the team: the Thunder, the Celtics, Knicks, or Bulls, but the upstart teams in the league are being led by young point guards who are taking leadership roles. 

Veterans are rising as well, as players like Tony Parker and Jameer Nelson are having career seasons at surprisingly young ages. 

How is all of this happening? Point guards are on the rise.

Is it that big of a factor, having a good point guard? Ask the Heat, who started slowly due to no clear point guard leading the team (though Carlos Arroyo is on the list). All Top 5 point guards on the list are on a team that if the season would end today, would make the playoffs.

No, it is no coincidence, good point guards make playoff teams.

So with no further wait, here is the Top 30 Point Guards in the NBA of this season

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