The NBA’s Five Most Memorable Christmas Games of the 2000s

Teams, players, and fans alike are anxiously waiting for the NBA to release its 2010-11 schedule. While countless hours will be spent dissecting the schedule looking for match-ups between LeBron James and his former team, the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers and the super squad assembled in Miami, why should we worry so much about the future? The past decade should have prepared us for any games we'll see next season, regardless of how sensational they are billed, but one thing's for certain, you can look to one day each year to figure out what David Stern wants us to see. That's right, Christmas Day. Perhaps you can't recall who played on Christmases past. That's fine. In fact, it's more than acceptable considering Christmas games are played so early in an 82-game season. When you consider that 22 teams have participated in Christmas games since December 25, 2000, it's even more understandable why you can get lost attempting to go down memory lane. Of those 22 teams, the Lakers have appeared in a league-high ten Christmas Day games. Of the 28 games played altogether, the home team has won 17. Do Christmas Day NBA games really matter though? Sure, they're normally hyped up, but we all know the Playoffs are where it happens, right? "Join us on Christmas Day," the television will announce, "see Pick-a-Star v. Pick-another-Star go at it." "This team is seeking Christmas Day revenge against this other team after losing in last year's Finals. Tune in . . . and Happy Holidays!" It's always something. Some games live up to the hype, others don't. Some are memorable for not living up to the hype. Others, quite frankly, make you wonder why they were ever scheduled. In case you're getting a headache trying to remember some eventful Christmas Day games, here are five I'm sure you'll remember with a little prodding.Begin Slideshow


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