The NBA’s Best Starting Lineups of All Time: Are the Los Angeles Lakers on Top?

Throughout the history of the NBA, every franchise has seen some of the best players don its jersey and represent the team oh so well. Many fans dream that all of those players could be on the court, in their prime, at the same time for their team.

Well, thanks to ESPN, that's now possible.

Sort of.

Sans going all Doc Brown on us, the ESPN brass has built "The Greatest Team of All-Time" Machine, which allows fans to vote on the best starting fives for each franchise.

Needless to say, a mental image of some of these teams would make staunch NBA followers go from six to noon.

However, now that the fans have voted for each team's best ballers of all-time, it's time to see which starting fives are truly the best. Who would win an NBA Title if these rosters hit the hardwood?

Let's find out.

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