The Most Important Free Agent for Los Angeles Lakers to Land This Offseason

As the end of another losing season approaches, it is painfully obvious that the Los Angeles Lakers need help across the board. Yet when it comes to pinpointing a top free-agent target during the offseason, the same unlikely pipe dream names keep getting recycled.

There are always cases to be made for star-power candidates, no matter how convoluted.

Marc Gasol may not ultimately leave the Memphis Grizzlies, but he has said he "won’t say no to anything," per Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News. 

Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers seems completely uninterested in the Lakers, but former All-Star Alonzo Mourning told Slam Magazine, “I think he’s probably going to go to LA. I could see that.”

And Max Kellerman of Max and Marcellus on ESPN 710 said that, according to a reliable source, “(Rajon) Rondo is a mortal lock to sign with the Lakers.” Part of the Rondo allure has to do with the fervor aging Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant has for pursuing his basketball buddy.

But Bryant’s playing days are drawing to an end, and Rondo, heading into his 10th NBA season, is not the force he once was. Is a past-his-prime point guard worth betting the farm on for a forward-thinking team?

Los Angeles has a budding point guard star in Jordan Clarkson—the Western Conference Rookie of the Month for March.

They also have a very good chance at a top-five draft pick in a class that is loaded with intriguing bigs like Karl-Anthony Towns, Jahlil Okafor and Willie Cauley-Stein.

But what else have the Lakers not had for far too long? Is there a player who could be pried away from his current team without breaking the bank? Is it possible that the most important free-agent signing isn't a headline-attracting name?

Tobias Harris of the Orlando Magic presents such a scenario.

He’s young, a...

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