The Los Angeles Lakers: The Psychology of Champions

Many observers this season have written about how the Lakers are playing below par. Teams are apparently finding weaknesses in the Lakers. According to the critics, the Lakers' interior is too soft with Pau Gasol patrolling the paint. The point guard play of Derek Fisher is downright terrible as he lets opposing point guard after opposing point guard cruise to the lane.

Kobe Bryant shoots too much and he prevents effective and efficient ball movement. These same critics say that the Lakers don't have the heart or the toughness to be champions.


These Lakers are just too damn good. Everyone worrying over the Lakers' struggles need to relax. The Lakers are bored. They are going through the motions. They are waiting for the playoffs to begin. See, for the champs, that's what they play for: Championships.

The Denver Nuggets have looked unbelievable against the Lakers this season. They have looked invincible in their two wins over the Lakers and looked great in their one loss to the Lakers. By contrast, the Lakers have looked lethargic and bored. Even the energy and insults thrown at the Lakers by Nuggets players such as J.R. Smith were not enough for the Lakers to muster up a response.

Why should they?

What incentive do the Lakers have to expend incredible energy and effort to beat the Nuggets in the regular season?

Pride perhaps.

Pursuit of excellence, maybe.

Or maybe they should do it to prevent the Nuggets from gaining confidence.

But the Lakers know that the Nuggets can't beat them in the playoffs. What does it matter if Denver thinks they can?

You see, the champs play ever single regular season game as if it is a regular season game. Every single one of their opponents have played the games against the Lakers as if it were game seven of the NBA Finals.

Every opponent circles the Lak...

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