The Los Angeles Lakers Have the Third Superstar to Match Miami in Lamar Odom

Much ado has been said about the new three kids on the block with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh joining forces trying to forge a championship with the former Laker poster boy, Pat Riley.

I was thinking Shaq would be a great backup center by the way, for the Heat, not the Lakers.

The Lakers counter of course with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and the key to the whole ball of wax three-peat thing, Lamar Odom.

Actually I, along with many others, would consider Derek Fisher a superstar as he is the holder of five NBA title rings.

So in all reality, with Ron Artest stepping up to play big defense and working on his open looks, just like Magic became a better outside shooter, so shall Artest go.

The Lakers are retaining Fisher after he briefly visited the new enemy camp. He left Miami and reported back to the place where his jersey should rightfully hang after retirement.

Andrew Bynum can play center but he and Odom need to see the same motivational force in the universe that will convince them they are great, and should play that way all the time like Magic, like Elgin, like Jerry, like Goodrich, like Kareem, like Kobe, like even Kurt Rambis.

Lamar Odom, maximum supreme effort and utilization of the talents and physical attributes that God gave you is what all Lakers fans are craving.

Lamar Odom, if I was 6'9'', 240 lbs, I would be the best freaking basketball player on planet Earth!

I would be so motivated, and so happy, everyone would be talking about the Mr. Hustle of basketball—me!

I love basketball, and have been a Laker fan since 1969. As a casual fan, I watch the season progress, root for the Lakers of course, and plan on watching playoff runs culminating in NBA titles, much like my predecessors the 50s and 60s—Boston Celtic fans.

Between the Lakers and the Celtics, these two teams have more than half of all th...

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