The Los Angeles Lakers Are Why Shaquille O’Neal Chose the Boston Celtics


This summer in the NBA has been one of the most hectic of all time.

Some players took less money for a title. Some took more than they will ever merit. Some (gasp!) actually got paid what they deserved.

And then there was Shaquille O’Neal.

ESPN reported today that the Big Aristotle signed a two-year deal worth roughly $3 million with the Boston Celtics. This comes as a surprise to many who heard Shaq insist that he wanted nearly $10 million throughout the entire offseason.

So what gives?

Yes, it would have been unlikely anyone would have given him the amount he wanted, and rightfully so. But since he took the veteran’s minimum, why choose the Celtics out of the plethora of teams that would have given him a deal of this size?

Does he just love the nickname “The Four-Ring Clover?” Is he a big fan of clam chowder?

Probably not.

The main reason that seems to be floating around is that he just wants another ring. The Celtics were one win—and possibly one knee injury—away from a title in June, so why not join the second-place team and try to get them over the hump?


In reality, that doesn’t wrap as neatly as it may seem.

The Celtics are one of the oldest teams in basketball, and are not exactly the healthiest. While they are full of talent, so much of it hinges on the team’s collective fitness. If Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins can’t recover fully, they will not be a contender.

And for someone at Shaq’s age, he should be looking for a guarantee.

If all he wants is a ring, there are better options. The Heat are the odds-on favorite in the East, and they need big man help. The Hawks could have given him more money, and are risers in the East.

He could have taken the veteran’s minimum anywhe...

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