The Last LeBron James-Kobe Bryant Article: Why Kobe’s Currently Better

I have always been a bit of a Los Angeles Lakers hater because of cousins and all that. And that they beat my Indiana Pacers in the NBA Finals about a decade ago. Along with that: they keep winning and they seem unstoppable. But I got to admit, they are a good team. And I have a bit too much of homerism to Cleveland Cavaliers' small forward LeBron James. I started a fan site for hm and I always somehow try to defend everytime I get a chance. So why I am a writing something like this? Because I am not a homer when it comes to articles like these. And come on, admit it: all of you are homers in some of your articles. And somehow, I always see homerism come into play when these comparisons come up of who is better: Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. Seriously, guys, come on. Every single time I come on the Bleacher Report front page or front page of the NBA section, there is always at least one LeBron James to Kobe Bryant comparison. Some say Kobe, and the other half sometimes picks LeBron. A lot of them receive over 3,000 reads and 40 comments; some seem to get 1,000 with 140 comments. This has to be the last Kobe-LeBron article out here. I am tired of it. I have never written any comparison. The only thing that even comes close to something like this is when I wrote something about who's performance is better: Kobe's 81 points in a game, or Michael Jordan's 69 points and 18 rebounds in a game. So please, this should be the last Kobe-LeBron article out there. I hope. Enjoy and read on!Begin Slideshow


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