The Lakers’ Version: How to Win a Championship in 10 Days

     As the Lakers embark on a journey that promises to be harder than the passage of the healthcare bill, one has to wonder if Los Angeles can retain the championship it won last year. The Lakers finished the season on a terrible note, with the team losing six of its last 10 games. The Lakers are also banged up, with three of the five starters dealing with numerous injuries. From Kobe Bryant’s nagging injuries (swollen right knee, broken finger on his right hand, sore ankle) to Shannon Brown’s hand and Sasha’s strained ankle, the Lakers are not healthy entering the postseason. However, Andrew Bynum is set to return from his Achilles injury and Kobe of course will play tomorrow after missing the last two games in the season.

Gloomy as it may seem, all hope is not lost for the Lakers and their fans on the road to a repeat. First, the most important injury is that of Kobe Bryant.  If Kobe Bryant is healthy enough to do such superman things as we have gotten accustomed to, then the Lakers can certainly win a championship. The Lakers have to use the first round matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder to get into a good rhythm that should carry over to the other games in the playoffs. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that when you have the best basketball player and the best basketball coach in history on your team you have a chance to win. However, below are factors and areas that would determine if the Lakers would win a championship. They need to address these issues  to retain the championship they worked so hard to get. They are: 1. Defense   2.  Triangle-Offense   3. Energy  4. Kobe Bryant

1. Defense

Problem: The Lakers finished the season at the top of most statistics regarding their defensive efforts, especially being No. 1 in defending three pointers. However, perhaps because of injuries or just boredom the Lakers have a lot of times ...

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