The Lakers Should Come Together and End the Lockout

We’ve now officially entered the worst-case scenario of the lockout. The sides have stopped talking and decided to go to the courts. While the court date won't stay at February 29th like some people have been worried about, the legal process will still jeopardize the possibility of any NBA season. 

However, there’s one team that should make a serious push to end the lockout. Jerry Buss and the Lakers should do all they can to end this ridiculous labor disagreement. I believe that if both sides of the Lakers organization worked together, a deal could get done. 


Because the Lakers are the most popular franchise in the league, and Jerry Buss needs to remind everyone of that.

I’m getting really tired of hearing how the small-market teams are leading the charge in these negotiations. While I’m all for the little guy having some say, let’s not forget that all of these guys are billionaires. There are no little guys.

As owner of the Lakers, Buss should be able to sway many of the owners to make a deal and not forfeit the season. The owners have won a massive amount of money already and will be in a much better place than they were just a few months ago. The truth is, until teams go under and the league has to contract, no one is in that poor of a financial state.

The battle is over, the owners cleaned up. Enough is enough.

Few teams have more to lose than the Lakers, and Buss should realize that. He has the most popular basketball player in the world in Kobe Bryant, who isn’t going to be able to play at a superstar level for too many more years. 

The Lakers are in a “win now” mode, and there is no “now” to speak of.

Jerry Buss should have the most say in any owners meeting, as without his team, many of the other owners would be much worse off financially, but also, one of his p...

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