The Lakers Have the NBA’s Dumbest Role Players

Two shots. Two freakin' shots.

That's how many field goal attempts Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant took 10 minutes into the fourth and decisive quarter.

I don't want to hear, "it's the zone."

It's not the zone. It's guys who think they're three-point shooters. It's guys who lack patience. It's guys who don't realize that the Lakers' success rides on the league's best perimeter player and its best offensive interior player.

It's not the zone. It's Lamar Odom (who really is earning the nickname "O'dumb" after his two performances in Phoenix). It's Ron Artest. It's Derek Fisher.

It's not the superior Suns' bench either. It's the inferior Lakers' bench.

There's Jordan "I Think I'm Tony Parker" Farmar. There's Shannon "I Jump Real High" Brown. The Lamar "I'll Just Chill Out Here" Odom.

The problem isn't Phoenix. The problem is that the Lakers have the dumbest role players in the NBA.

The group is talented. Odom is a starter on nearly every other NBA team. Farmar has starting point guard skill. Artest is the No. 2 offensive weapon on nearly every other team.

Brown jumps real high.

The group just makes terrible decisions.

Going into the fourth quarter, Bryant made 12 of his last 16 field goals. He missed his first three minutes into the fourth quarter, but didn't take another shot until 1:31 left in the game.

That's ridiculous.

Lakers players, just give the ball to Bryant as soon as you cross the half-court line and clear out. Let him quarterback the offense.

Fisher should never be dribbling the ball for 15 seconds before being trapped in the corner and firing up a desperate shot as happened in the middle of the fourth.

Fisher, catch and shoot, man. Catch and shoot.

After a Bryant technical free-throw make, his first point of the fourth, Artest shouldn't be jacking up a three pointer just 1...

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