The Lakers Five Years from Now: What the Casual Fan Will Do

What does the future hold for the Los Angeles Lakers?

It's 2010 and it looks as though the Lakers are going to repeat once again. It seems as though Kobe Bryant and the Lakers will never slow down. They are like flies that always come back, you can swat them, but they always return.

Still, there is a last time for everything, even for the greatest franchise of all-time. What will the Lakers do when Bryant's over the hill and the "Zen Master" is gone?

In my opinion, they will try to recoup as they always do, find more fresh meat, or bring in another superstar. Kobe is already 32, Pau Gasol is 30, and Ron Artest is 31. People may say Andrew Bynum is the future, but does he really have the capability to take over a team with his mentality and talent?

No way.

Mitch Kupchak probably knew that when he made the move to get Gasol and Artest. That this was for the short term, not the long term. The short term is nearing its final destination.

It's ironic that two of the greatest franchises of all-time are both nearing recuperation mode at the same time. Boston's "Big Three" and the Lakers stars are both rolling down the hill as we speak.

There is always a possibility that both teams regenerate and regain greatness once again, but there is also the bigger possibility of both teams losing their crowns for a very, very long time.

For the Lakers, their problem is much greater than any other team in the league. They are currently paying the most luxury tax among all NBA teams. Once again, only for the short, but successful term. Once Bryant, Gasol, and Artest retire, the Lakers road to greatness will be the longest walk probably in their history.

People around the world expect only the very best from the Lakers. Will the people jump off the Lakers bandwagon as soon as they start to fail?

From my experience, I know they will. The sad part of this is th...

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