The Lakers Are Anything but Intimidating

If someone utters one word about the possibility of the Lakers capturing a three-peat, please let them know the Lakers aren't even close. It wasn't long ago when Kobe Bryant, wearing another championship T-shirt, gazing upwards to watch the confetti fall in his hair or caressing the trophy, collected his fifth ring to cement a dignified legacy.

If the Lakers aren't nervous of the sudden demise, from a perpetual drought to erase the memories of an indelible back-to-back journey and diminish the traditional perception of a team in Hollywood, the motionless fans are hysterical of the undermined calamity. 

So now, the gist of the annual Christmas Day appearance for the Lakers, in theory, perished over the years and has been the one day that the team humiliates itself by crumbling in a signature game. There are times, such as Saturday night in which the Lakers were embarrassed and taken to school by the Miami Heat, when the Staples Center is the equivalent of a mortuary—as if the demise of the untouchable Lakers is slowly materializing. Wasn't it devastating?? 

"This is serious stuff," Bryant said after he posted only 17 points on 6-for-16 shooting. "You don't just have two rings and say we're satisfied with what we've got and let it slide. I am not rolling with that."

Looks as if Team Hollywood quit. Looks as if the brainless, inactive fans observed spongy and incompetent superstars and the most talented franchise in the NBA staggered. As it is, the torpid fans are incapable of inspiring the dispirited defending champs, not loud or cheerful enough of uplifting a diverse town or even one of the most popular franchises. With all the hype of this marquee matchup, a long-awaited LeBron-Kobe show every devotee had been anticipating ...

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