The LA Lakers Will Make Steve Nash Regret His “Best Coach” Comment

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich would have to be included in any conversation regarding the NBA's best coaches, and if it was up to Phoenix Suns' point guard Steve Nash, Popovich would reside at the top of the list.

An argument can certainly be made on Popovich's behalf, and his four NBA championships stand as a testament to his coaching brilliance over the course of the past decade.

Nash's statement must be understood in context though, because his words were a direct response to a statement made by the one coach who could supersede Nash's endorsement of Popovich.

Los Angeles Lakers' coach Phil Jackson questioned Nash's tendency to palm the basketball in his penetration to the rim, and Nash responded in kind by saying Popovich, the best coach in the NBA, didn't have a problem with him traveling.

This is a familiar ploy from Jackson as he often publicly highlights a nuance from an opponent which he feels could be used as an advantage against his team.

Jackson's tactic is a way to draw the officials' attention to his cause in hopes they will be more sympathetic to his complaints during the course of a game.

You have to appreciate Jackson's techniques, and Nash's response may turn into an example of Jackson's motivational skills as well, because there is no other way to take Nash's words.

One could say Nash was disrespectful, and there are few people who could reasonably take his statement at face value when it's held up to Jackson's sparkling resume.

Jackson is the NBA's winningest coach in the postseason by percentages, wins, and championships and when he has been paired against Popovich, the Lakers have won more than they lost, especially when it mattered.

Nash may be the best Canadian to ever play in the NBA, and he is definitely one of the more intelligent point guards in the league, so it's a little surprising he can't remembe...

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