The LA Lakers Have the NBA’s Most Talented Roster, But Is It the Best?

For the better part of two years the general consensus in the NBA has been the Los Angeles Lakers have the most talented roster in all of basketball, and there have been few who would dispute that claim, until now.

Due to a changing landscape which has seen a number of teams improve, the closing of the gap in the Western Conference, and a period of brief decline for the Lakers, many who previously thought Los Angeles had the best collection of talent are slowly changing their opinions.

Los Angeles is still included in the discussion, but now teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Orlando Magic regularly make appearances too.

All above-mentioned teams have three of the most important components of a championship roster which are a bonafide superstar, another player who could be considered a star, but not quite the same level as the main attraction, and a cast of talented supporting players.

In some cases, these teams have more than two players who are considered stars, and that's when attempting to compare their collective talent becomes tricky, if not impossible.

So, how does one decide which of these teams has the most talented roster, and does the most talented collective translate into success once the postseason begins?

The best place to begin the journey is with the core players of the team, and the ones who are most directly responsible for the positive or negative fortunes of the franchise.

The Lakers, Cavaliers, Mavericks, and Magic all have players on their rosters who could be considered some of the most dominant talent of their generation, and those skills are spread amongst various positions.

Los Angeles has the most dominant shooting guard in the league in Kobe Bryant, and arguably the best power forward in Pau Gasol, plus they have the luxury of bringing Lamar Odom off the bench, a player with superstar...

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