The LA Lakers Can’t Avoid Drama as Andrew Bynum Goes Down Again

The Los Angeles Lakers have a hard enough time staying under the radar as it is, but at a time when the Lakers have began to show vestiges of the championship team of 2009, an injury to Andrew Bynum is the last thing you want to hear.

The Laker faithful have been critical of Bynum and his inconsistent play, and some had even called for Bynum to be resigned to the bench in favor of Lamar Odom, myself included, but I didn't have this in mind.

The official word is Bynum has a strained Achilles tendon, and Kobe Bryant said Bynum wasn't limping too badly afterwards, and hopefully he wouldn't miss any game time because of it.

The injury occurred in the third quarter of the Lakers' win over the Minnesota Timber Wolves, and although Bryant's words are reassuring, Bynum's pain turns into an issue the Lakers can stand to avoid right now.

In the past couple of weeks, the Lakers have cast aside previous concerns about their chemistry and their passion and have began to resemble the team which stormed to last season's championship.

Bynum has been instrumental in this resurgence, and his inspired play has helped solidify the Lakers' front line going into the pivotal final regular season stretch.

The combination of Bynum and Pau Gasol have been dominant in the post of late, after dealing with questions about the ability of the two players to coexist in the starting lineup.

Los Angeles had appeared to find the crucial mix of chemistry between Gasol, Bynum, and Lamar Odom, and the trio gives the Lakers an element no other team could boast of.

The advantage of having three talented and versatile players in the seven foot range is something which can' be taken lightly, and with Odom's ability to slide to the perimeter, it causes nightmare matchups for the opposition.

For Bynum, it continues a familiar trend because he always seems to get injured just as his game ...

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