The Eight Worst Players To Win Multiple NBA Championships

The general consensus about sports athletes, particularly in the NBA, is that titles won is the true measure of a player's greatness.

Those who have yet to feel the glory of winning their last game during a playoff run and having their champagne shower are somehow inferior to those who have climbed the mountaintop of the NBA and have stood proudly at the top.

From Patrick Ewing, to Charles Barkley, to Karl Malone and today, with Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James, NBA history is filled with great players that have never obtained the ultimate reward for their stellar and consistent play.

The active players facing this dilemma must instead toil in the role of perennial also-ran until the monkey-house on their shoulders is finally relocated.

Then there are the players who somehow seem to have multiple championships for doing little or nothing to get them. They were somehow the lucky 11th or 12th man on the roster who didn't get a lot of playing time and most people barely noticed that they were still with the team, but they are champions all the same.

Here are six players that have more titles than all of the Eastern Conference All-Stars combined, yet played less than I did for their teams.

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