The Definitive Explanation Of Why LeBron James Is Better Than Kobe Bryant

Like Earvin 'Magic' Johnson & Larry Bird two decades before them, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James will likely forever be linked together.

There is no argument that between them, they represent the two elite competitors in the NBA. The only question is who is better. Allow me to make my case for why I believe LeBron James is the premiere basketball player on the planet.


6. The Attention Received By Their Pending Free Agency.

In the summer of 2004, Kobe Bryant was slated to become a free agent.

There was exactly one team, besides the Lakers, who showed interest. That was the Los Angeles Clippers. It should be mentioned that this was when the economy was healthy and booming. Perhaps you've heard that this coming summer, LeBron James' contract expires. Despite financial struggles, some franchises (New York, Chicago, New Jersey, LA Clippers) have dealt away a good quantity of their roster just for the chance to offer LeBron $125 million dollars.

A dozen other teams have made moves to clear enough salary for the same reason. Never before has so much wheeling and dealing taken place in an effort to attain the services of one player. Fans, analysts, and general managers have been talking about 'The LeBron Summer' for two calendar years.


5. LeBron is Already Shattering Kobe's Scoring Milestones

On March 4, 2003, Kobe Bryant became the youngest player in NBA history score 10,000 points. He was 24 years, 193 days old when he accomplished that feat. On February 27, 2008, LeBron James made that record his own. And he was 23 years, 59 days old. Kobe would then go on to become the youngest player to score 15,000 points. He was 27 years, 136 days at the time of completion. James seized that mark as well, doing so a full two years before Kobe did. LeBron was 25 years, 79 days old.


4. The Notion That Kobe is a Better Scorer is a Myt...

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