The Boston Celtics: Are They Still the Greatest NBA Franchise?

Just one decade ago, the gap between the Celtics and any other team was colossal.

Even considering that the Green had not won a championship since 1986, their closest competitors, the Los Angeles Lakers, had only 11 titles to Boston's 16. That, along with the Celtics' rich history, made them an easy pick as the NBA's greatest franchise.

And then the tide began to turn...

Over the next 10 years, Los Angeles won five championships to Boston's one. We also witnessed the rise of two new Laker greats, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant. These developments did more than just "tip the scales."

Before I get ahead of myself here, let me assure you that there is much more that goes into the NBA's greatest franchise debate than just championships. And if you're a Laker fan, that's something to be excited about.

Now we will weigh accomplishments, crunch the numbers, look into the future a little, and figure out if the Boston Celtics are still the NBA's greatest franchise.

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