The Black Mamba faces his biggest challenge ever… and he’s ready for it!

Everyone in America is talking about Lebron James’s decision to join the Miami Heat and fellow superstar Dwyane Wade and everyone has their opinion on this unprecedented situation: some think Lebron has made the right choice by joining a team that will allow him to fight for NBA titles for several years and build a dynasty; Cleveland fans, who used to worship him like a God, now hate him (and are burning his shirts in rage) for turning his back on a city that has always loved him and a team that was built around him; finally, some fans and experts (actually many) consider that Lebron James has chosen the easiest path to victory by teaming up with two other superstars (Wade and Bosh) and that, even if he does succeed, this move will have hurt his legacy forever, making it impossible for him to reach Jordan-like status (or even Bird, Magic, or any of the all-time greatest). As far as I’m concerned, only time will tell exactly what will happen to Lebron’s legacy. Still, I’m personally more inclined to agree that this move will ultimately put an asterisk next to Lebron’s legacy (even if he wins many rings – which is not a done deal – D-Wade will always have one more and, in people’s minds, there will always be the conviction that Lebron could only win with Wade’s – and Bosh’s – help). However, there’s another implication this move will have: where some people see the beginning of a dynasty for the Miami Heat, I see a golden, once in a lifetime, opportunity for Kobe Bryant (arguably the best basketball player in the world) to take his legacy to a whole new level and establish himself as the best basketball player in history.

   First of all, let me make one thing pretty clear: Kobe Bryant is, beyond any doubt, the current best player in the world. Kobe-Lebron comparisons just make no sense: Kobe has 5 titles, Lebron has none; an aging and injury-plagued Kobe still managed ...

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