The Best and Worst Contracts On The Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA's most valuable franchise, both in terms of profitability and popularity.

Not only do they reside in the bright lights of Hollywood with the most star-studded roster in the league, but they also have the rings to back it up. The Lakers are not only one of the most successful franchises in all of sports, they are one of the most iconic.

Such prosperity can be grown only through the acumen of an owner like Dr. Jerry Buss and the various general managers he's employed. They built two dynasties this past decade, something possible only through a series of outstanding trades, signings, and draft picks.

However, not all contracts are created equal.

Let's take a look at the best and worst contracts on the Lakers' roster, from worst to best.


13) Luke Walton: $21.8 million over four years

Originally a prize coming out of the second round of the draft, Walton is now the bane of the Lakers' salary cap. He averaged 11 points in 2007 as a starter (alongside Smush Parker and Kwame Brown), which was enough to convince management to blow its entire midlevel exception and lock him up for six years.

He's a tremendous passer who's even better in Phil Jackson's system, but they'll be paying him over $6 million in 2013, which is almost Lamar Odom/Ron Artest money. That's more than bad for a, at best, fourth forward off the bench. That's easily the worst contract on the team.

Don't fool yourself. Those Luuuuuuuuke! chants that sound like Booooooo! really are boos.

12) Sasha Vujacic: $10.5 million, two years

Lakers fans thought we had something special. Vujacic still thinks so, and still chucks up a shot every time he catches the ball. In 2008 he shot 43 percent from behind the arc, capping the year with 20 points in Game Three of the NBA Finals.

It was a fluke.

The Lakers had...

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