The 8 Most Embarrassing Lakers of All Time

No matter how iconic the storied Los Angeles Lakers franchise is, it has not been immune to embarrassing moments and embarrassing players.

Today’s followers of the purple and gold should consider themselves lucky.  Whether you count yourself among the longtime faithful or have recently hopped aboard their ever-expanding basketball bandwagon, the current Lakers roster has enough high powered, high priced, legendary talent to satisfy even the most fickle of fans.

That wasn’t always the case; the Lakers have seen their fair share of players who should have sought out another career.  Like accountant, casino pit boss or circus performer.

In addition to physical size, you also need an oversized ego to play in the NBA.  But that alone does not turn you into Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson.  Or even Mark “Mad Dog” Madsen (not on the list, but given consideration).

To make it in the NBA, you first need talent.  Some of the most embarrassing Lakers actually had talent; they just left their common sense at the door. 

One in particular, and he’s on this list, was often described as “colorful.”  I would call him bizarre and a bit off-kilter.  Well, a lot off-kilter. 

We sought out the most embarrassing Lakers; there’s more than enough of them to form a starting lineup with three in reserve.  They’ve embarrassed their teammates, the fans and, at times, even themselves.  

Sometimes it was their play (or lack thereof), while other times it was because they did stupid or inappropriate things. 

This is not a list you’d campaign to be on.  But, in this offseason of Lakers delight, we thought it would be fun to take a nostalgic look at eight former Lakers who shall forever remain “the most embarrassing” in team history.

Or, until the next one comes along.

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