The 8 Most Disappointing NBA Teams of All-Time

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of being blessed with extraordinary talent is the levels the expectations will reach as a result.

The 2010-11 Miami Heat, for example, are either destined to fulfill all the promise of their talented roster and ride their big three to playoff greatness, or be relegated as one of the most over-hyped and disappointing teams ever assembled.

There really is no middle ground in Miami.

Let's face it: We've all seen teams who failed to meet expectations. The Vegas Odds picked them as the favorites, their fans had stocked up on season tickets and league passes so as not to miss a single game and every Sportscenter analyst was glowing about how far ahead of the pack they were.

But the team comes out, faces a team that doesn't believe the hype and that favorite is sent crashing back down to earth with a decisive thud, deemed by NBA historians in the year's that follow as an also-ran.

These are the clubs whose hype never quite matched their games.

Here are the most disappointing NBA teams of all time.

Miami Heat, you all may want to take notes.

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