The 10 Greatest Defenders in the NBA in the Past Decade

Welcome back to the "Greatest Ever" series as we continue with the ranks of the top defensive players of the last decade.

Defense is something worth discussing. It can be shown by stats, but often it's not. Some of the very best defenders don't have high stats in blocks, steals but are steal great, while others who have good stats are the opposite of the first...

In the past 10 years, the 2000's created some of the most amazing offensive talents to step on the court, who are ready to produce big times. When Jordan retired, the world of basketball is focusing more on offense but less on defense.

But in that period, and these days, finding a strong defender has a lot of meaning and can turn your team into a contender for a title. Since the big men do best on that end of the court, they are so valuable like we have seen dozens of times.

Guards/forwards can also be game changers with their defense, but again, most of them focus their energy to score.

Most of the championship teams these recent years have a good interior defender in their paint such as the 2004 Pistons featuring Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace, the 2003 Spurs with Tim Duncan and David Robinson, and the 2008 Celtics with KG and Perkins.

Here are the 10 best defensive standouts of the last 10 seasons.

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