That’s a Wrap: Can We Already Guarantee a Lakers-Celtics Finals?

Stan Van Gundy has taken more than one hit from the Celtics in his team's Eastern Conference Finals series.

Along with losing the first three games of the series, Van Gundy was knocked to the ground by Kevin Garnett in the third quarter of Game 3 after Garnett was shoved by the Magic's Matt Barnes.

Yet, that probably wasn't the biggest hit the Orlando head coach took at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston Saturday night.

The Celtics dominated all facets of the game, winning 94-71 and putting Orlando in a chokehold. Glen Davis scored 17 points and Rajon Rondo had 12 points and 11 assists to lead the C's to their sixth consecutive Playoff victory.

If we thought Orlando was hot, then what does that make Boston? An exploding ball of heat and gas that incinerates the opponent.

The leader in each game of the series has been different for the Celtics. Game One went to sharpshooter Ray Allen. The next went to Paul Pierce. The game Saturday night went to Davis. Boston has five or six players that can lead the team in multiple categories on any night. That is one reason they are so dangerous at this point of the Playoffs.

Against Cleveland, Boston took games four, five, and six to win the series 4-2. They sent LeBron James to, quite possibly, the end of his career as a Cavalier. Rajon Rondo was nothing short of amazing throughout the series.

So far against Orlando, the Celtics have dominated except for three quarters. Game 1 was in the bank until a late run by Orlando made it close, just to have Boston win. Once again in Game Two, the Magic tried to win it late, but their desperate attempt to even the series fell short. Game Three was complete domination on the part of the home team. It was never close, with Boston leading by 15 after the first quarter.

Nothing would suggest a possible comeback by the favored Magic. Little has gone right for them in the series. They lost ho...

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