Taiwanese Animation Company’s Video Buries Kobe Bryant’s Career

It’s not Afghanistanimation, but it’s just as weird and portentous. 

The Taiwanese media outlet Next Media Animation has created a video writing off Kobe Bryant’s career in the wake of his recent Achilles injury. 

Bryant ruptured the Achilles' tendon in his left leg during the waning minutes of the Los Angeles Lakers’ game Friday night against the Golden State Warriors. Obviously, the animators at NMA see this injury as the end of the line for the Black Mamba. 

Complete with headstones, a doctor kicking Bryant into a grave and a strange Parisian music soundtrack, this video is three gila monsters away from a very unfortunate psychedelic trip.

The animation also offers a rather unapologetic opinion of Bryant’s injury, re-creating a version of the moment Bryant injured his Achilles that involves onlookers laughing as tears spout from the 34-year-old shooting guard’s eyes.

The video also mocks the myriad of other team injuries plaguing the Lakers’ older roster. In addition, an inexplicable—but definitely terrifying—moment in the video involves a computer-animated Jeremy Lin descending from the rafters on a rocket to stare at Bryant and his fellow injured teammates.

Controversy, however, seems to be the name of the game for these animated re-creations of Western news events. Next Media Animation also gave unmerciful animation treatment to Lance Armstrong earlier this year, depicting the seven-time Tour de France rider as a blood-drinking vampire in the aftermath of his doping scandal and subsequent interview with Oprah.  

Taken with a grain of salt, these animated depictions can be funny. The Lakers are old, and Lance is a cheater but know one thing—betting against Kobe Bryant isn’t a good idea.

Next Media Animation might’ve seen the footage of Bryant’s injury,...

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