Superstar Shooters: The Five Best Shooting Guards Of The 2010-11 Season

NBA basketball history can be very broadly and generally categorized into two distinct eras: the era of the big man, and the era of the skilled wing.  In other words, they can be split into the pre-Jordan era, and the post-Jordan era. 

Arguably the greatest basketball player of all-time, Michael Jordan changed the landscape of the NBA and basketball with his dynamic play, clutch shooting, and all-around ability.  But more than that, he changed the glamour position in the NBA, and his legacy can be seen today as the NBA puts less emphasis on big men and more on skilled wing players. 

Whereas 'Magic' Johnson and Larry Bird took the torch from the last of the great big men of an era long gone, Jordan took that torch and ran further with it than anyone in his generation, making the NBA what it is today. 

Jordan was the first person who truly blazed his own path as a skilled wing player, paving the way for other skilled wing players like Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, and Tracy McGrady.  They each took their turn as "the next Michael Jordan," but would all ultimately fall short. 

But falling just short of Jordan's legacy and ability is nothing to be ashamed of.  He is, after all, the greatest of all-time.  And he has definitely opened the door to other talented young men, who continue to shine as top shooting guards in a league once dominated by big men. 

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