Sunderella: 2010 NBA Playoffs Ends Here and That Ain’t No Joke

Dear Phoenix Suns, sorry. 

Your 2010 NBA season ends here.

Coach Jackson playoffs records when winning Game One?

46–0 and soon to be 47–nil I will add.

I really wanted to convey this matter-of-fact message to the Suns prior to Game One of their series against the Lakers so they could give it their ALL you know, leave it all on the floor as the saying goes. Then again I said to myself that their coaching staff, scouting people, most if not all of the players on their rosters must certainly be aware of this Phil Jackson-coached teams playoffs dogma. 

I am after all and so are you. Ah come on. Don't tell me that you didn't know either....then again we, meaning you and I were never scheduled for a Playoff Game One against the Los Angeles Lakers. 

OK you must know that one about NBA playoffs teams when facing a 0–3 deficit:

NO TEAM IN NBA HISTORY HAS EVER……..although to be honest I kind-of was thinking that maybe Duane Wade and his hits, I mean Heat were going to go against/make history once they found themselves 0-3 in their first round match-up against the Celtics. 

Still I will of course as a formality watch the other scheduled games of the Lakers-Suns series. I’m a Basketball fan plus I do like the Suns.

Moving forward though at this stage I really think it’s going to be the Los Angeles Lakers against the Boston Celtics battling each other like they did two seasons ago for the 2010 Larry O'Brian trophy. Of course this time Game Seven will be much more competitive from a Lakers’ standpoint with nevertheless the same results from the Celtics’ last championship year. However I don't want to be too open about my predictions, you know......just in case.

Am I jumping the gun a bit?

Yes and I’m sorry for doing so&hellip...

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