Struggling Young Players LA Lakers Can Sign on the Cheap

The Los Angeles Lakers could use additional depth to go with their stellar starting lineup. Yet the team doesn't have much room under the salary cap to work with this offseason.

So, how can LA find impact players who also won't command much salary?

It seems there are two types of players that fit that mold. There are aging veterans looking to sign cheap deals in order to win an NBA championship before they ride off into the sunset. These are the types of players who generally come to mind. However, there are also young, promising players who have yet to live up to their potential.

Getting some sort of mix between the two is the ideal scenario. However, in the Lakers' situation, it may be beneficial to focus on younger players because LA's roster is already comprised of a plethora of aging veterans. Adding some players with fresh legs will be key.

Of course, if Los Angeles brings in the right young players, not only will it get bodies who can help fill a current void, the Lakers will also get talent that has the potential to get even better. 


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