Steve Nash Video: Watch L.A. Fans Give Superstar PG a Warm Welcome

If you ever wonder why fans love Steve Nash, watching this video should give you a clue. The back-to-back MVPs and the 9,916 career assists are only part of the reason.

The biggest reason is because he's so down to earth.

Not only is he not behaving stuffy toward an SUV full of exuberant admirers, but he's taking a beer from them through the window of a moving vehicle.

Though it may be technically illegal, this was one of those moments that makes you smile as you watch.

I'm just glad he didn't open it in the backseat. Hopefully we won't have to hear or read a headline that says, "NBA wants to talk to Steve Nash about controversial YouTube video."

That would really suck.  

Nash is one of the guys, and fans love players like that. Usually it is Nash that is passing out the goods; this time he's the recipient.

I guess part of being a good giver is knowing when to receive. Nash has received his share of publicity and public love. This was an awesome show of good will by the fans, and Nash's playing along will make him even more loved by Lakers fans.

The last week of hype makes me wonder how popular Nash would be if he had played in Los Angeles—or another major city, like New York—before now.

He has tons of personality, to which those who follow him on Twitter can attest.

If Nash and the Lakers get off to a fast start next season, the love affair will only grow.


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