Steve Nash Trade Rumors: Should the Lakers Forfeit Andrew Bynum for Steve Nash?

There is no question that when Andrew Bynum is healthy and playing well the Lakers are nearly impossible to beat. He is easily the team's most physical frontcourt player, and is the Lakers' only core player still waiting to hit his prime. With that being said, Bynum has rarely been at full strength the last few seasons due to a series of unfortunate knee injuries.

Thankfully for the Lakers, they have been able to win championships with a less-than-perfect Andrew Bynum. So, this has many Lakers fans wondering: Could the Lakers afford to trade him and still remain in position to win their third straight championship?

The Lakers' weakest position is point guard. One of the biggest names circulating trade rumors this season has been Steve Nash. What if the Lakers made a move to trade Andrew Bynum for Steve Nash? Here are three pros and cons for the Lakers if the blockbuster trade were to go down.


The Pros:

Nash would provide reliable point guard play and three-point shooting: Steve Nash would provide the Lakers with their best point guard since Magic Johnson retired in the early '90s. He would instantly provide the rest of the team with better looks at the basket, as well as consistent three-point shooting, which has been a weakness of the Lakers the last couple of seasons.

Steve Nash is more of a sure thing: At this stage, fans would know what they were getting with Steve Nash. Nash would be instant gratification as opposed to all of the question marks and debates surrounding Andrew Bynum. Bynum has showed flashes of brilliance, but it is also a possibility he could suffer another injury at any time. Bynum is in the point of his career when he should be hitting his peak. However, all of the injuries have kept him from truly busting out of the gates.

Lamar Odom could greatly benefit:  In light of all of Bynum's injuries the last few years, Lamar Odom has gone back and forth b...

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