Steve Nash: The Busted Face of Basketball

I’ve always been a Steve Nash hater.  Let’s just get that out there. 
I’ve always thought that he’s a wormy, saccharine Canadian;a player whose abilities on the court are blown out of proportion by hisstatistics on paper.  He’s the highschool quarterback that scores the hot cheerleader, heads the class council,gets straight A’s, and petitions for more soda machines on campus. 
He is the kid who does more community service than theamount required for graduation.  I mean,who does that!? 
We get it, Steve. You’re nice.  You’re a do-gooder,and you’ve won over the masses with your G-rated Disney pizazz.  Just stop the act already.
If you were to ask me, he didn’t deserve those MVPs.  He got them because he was small, white, anddid everything right.  He answeredquestions politely, and smiled for the camera. He visited hospitals and paintedhouses.  But his play didn’t justify theaccolades, the fanfare, or the adoration. He has won nothing, accomplished nothing, proven nothing. 
I would have said he played us all for fools.  And you know what?  I would have been dead wrong. Because eventhough he’s playing against the Lakers…myLakers…I keep finding myself rootingfor Steven John Nash.
It kills me to say this, but Nash has revolutionized thegame of basketball.  His effect cannot beseen in a single game (though I guarantee you, like last night’s Game 5thriller, he will make any game entertaining), nor can his effect on thebasketball culture be quantifiably measured. This is true within , , ,and all throughout the NBA-watching globe. Just ask around. 
This wormy, saccharine Canadian has become anambassador.  Our ambassador.  And, thoughit has taken me a while to come around on this fact, it is a privilege to havethis class council president as our ...

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