Step Aside, Kobe, Because LA Is Soon To Be LeBron’s Town

Recently, while listening to a national morning radio show the question was asked where would Lebron James play in 2011. 


One scenario that was introduced caused a lot of controversy and debate. The scenario consisted of Lebron James in some way signing with the Lakers and Kobe Bryant in turn being shipped to the Knicks in some sort of blockbuster deal next year. 


On the surface this scenario seemed asinine and not realistic, however, on second thought it actually makes sense and here’s why. 


First the obvious, although Kobe is only in his early thirties he has already played fourteen seasons in the NBA which means that his body has been tested at the highest level of basketball for fourteen years. 


Kobe’s body over the past three or four years has steadily begun to break down with various nagging injuries that continue to hamper him routinely throughout the seasons.


The Lakers are only interested in winning championships as is the case with all professional sports teams, and with that being said if the Lakers are bumped out of the playoffs prematurely they could look to make a proactive move that would consist of bringing in James to replace Bryant.


Lastly, both Lebron and Kobe have underlying wishes in regards to their careers.  Lebron is seeking a large market team with an opportunity to win championships. Kobe has won the championships and is looking to add to his legacy with the ultimate goal of surpassing the great Michael Jordan as the best NBA player in history. 


There has been a lot of speculation linking Lebron to the Knicks over the past two years.  Some go as far as saying that deal is already done and that as soon as Lebron's contract expires he will be headed to the big apple. 

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers