Staying Home: Derek Fisher To Cement His ‘Legacy’ As a LA Laker

Home is where the heart is, and Derek Fisher has decided to keep his heart adorned with purple and gold.

It was a solid "sabotage" attempt by the Miami Heat. What better way to weaken the biggest threat to Miami's perceived 2010-2011 onslaught towards the NBA title than to take one of its core players?

It was a brilliant attempt by Pat Riley.

Derek Fisher is a well-respected player in the league, evident by being the president of the NBA's Player's Union. In bringing Derek Fisher to South Beach, Riley would've given Miami Thrice a solid squad leader, a steady hand at the point, and a veteran and multi-championship-winning presence on the team; that, and the Lakers would be missing the one man, outside of the coaches, who has a direct line to Kobe's ear.

Derek Fisher has always been the unsung hero on this Laker team. For the past two seasons, more of the fair-weathered fans have booed, heckled, or called-out Fisher as the weakest link in the Lakers' rotation.

Those people have had valid points. Fisher's 7.5 points per game and 2.5 assists per game is easily the worst amongst starting point guards in the NBA.

Yet somehow, people always forget that Fisher saves his best for the biggest stage. In the Playoffs, Fisher upped his game by averaging 10.3ppg, 2.5rpg, 2.8apg, and 1.2spg.

Yes, Fisher's numbers will never pop out at you, but Fisher's importance to the Lakers run deeper than his individual numbers. Fisher is their level-headed leader. When Fisher talks, everyone on the team listens. Yes, even Kobe Bryant. He also provides a steady hand at the point and fills out the role of the point guard, the bail out option, in the triangle offense well.

But what truly stands out in Fisher's legendary, in its own right, career, is that he has become a clutch option for the Lakers. TV analysts, in-game commentators, and basketball experts on various networks often caught gushing wh...

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