Spurs vs. Lakers: The Mighty L.A. Lakers, How Do You Like Them Now?

Why would San Antonio Spurs fans trash-talk Kobe Bryant? Um, overconfidence?  Sure.  They never would have done it before this overconfident run.

You’d be overconfident, too, NBA fans, if your historical object of a team had the most wins in the NBA up to this point of the season.

In a historical exhibition for the ages—the Tyrannosaur ages—the Lakers helped the world see why the Spurs aren’t considered serious contenders for the NBA championship by most experts. The mighty Lakers are just too…mighty.

The Spurs had better find a mighty good shutdown defender on the perimeter—and fast.  An examination of how the Lakers ripped the Spurs apart shows too much perimeter scoring. 

The Spurs had better find a mighty good shutdown inside the paint defender—and fast.  The Tyrannosaur-sized Lakers' inside presence was also too much. 

Speaking of T. Rex, Tim Duncan gave observers outside of San Antonio—like Colin Cowherd, who say Timmy is a relic—a reason to revel. 

Spurs fans have been reveling in Matt Bonner’s three-point accuracy this season.  He leads the NBA in three-rock shooting percentage, but when the Lakers forced him to dribble and drive, he was of ill effect.

If you don’t know what time it is.  It’s time to get ill.

The Lakers got ill in a positive way.  In San Antonio, simply saying the words Mighty Lakers could be grounds for a fight—if Spurs fans have had too much Tequila.  Now Spurs fans are ill in a negative way.

With the previously ill Matt Barnes, the Lakers gain plenty in the way of perimeter defense and three-rock shooting.  He was absent for much of the early season, but Mattie is a key figure off L.A.’s bench.

Being San Antonio’s No. 1 Laker cat, I was never concerned of course while the ...

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