Sorry, Miami, but the LA Lakers Are Not Afraid of Your Super Team

The Miami Heat have been victims of constant criticism since the pairing of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh altered the NBA landscape, and understandably, their fans have been firing volleys of their own in defense of their team.

Most Heat fans chalk up the atmosphere of hate as a result of either jealousy, envy, or fear, and in each instance, they are generally correct in their assumptions.

Some of the teams in the NBA have a very sour taste in their mouths from the manner in which the past two weeks of free agency unfolded, and for some, the very course of their franchise's future was decided by the Miami Heat's superstar trio.

Any hopes the Cleveland Cavaliers had of being a championship team disappeared when James vacated the premises, and the shallow threats made by owner Dan Gilbert only illustrate the future plight of the Cavaliers.

Gilbert's false declarations concerning a Cavaliers' championship before James wins one were hollow, but they did help inspire a legion of anti-LeBron sentiment that has taken center stage.

Chicago and New York also feel jilted in failing to land neither Wade, James, or Bosh, and even though both teams claimed secondary prizes in free agency, there is a feeling the three had made their decisions before the meetings even started.

Cleveland, New York, Chicago, and their fans probably do turn jealous eyes towards Miami because their dreams of reaching the NBA Finals have more than likely gone up in smoke due to Miami's super team.

The Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic have no reason to fear the Heat since they are established playoff teams anyway, but the attention which has been adorned on Miami's team has to seem disrespectful to each team.

The Heat have yet to play a game, but they have been installed as favorites over the Celtics and Magic in the East, despite the fact they are the last two NBA finalists from the con...

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