Six Factors to a Celtics Championship

Now the puzzle is officially complete and we will see a match-up that features the Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers in the 2010 NBA Finals. It’s safe to say this is an unpredictable match-up and basically can go in either direction. Boston’s key to winning this series is based off of six factors.


1. Winning on the road

If the Celtics want to win this series they can’t let the Lakers sweep all the games played at the Staples Center. The series against the Magic was a lot easier once they had a 2-0 lead going back to Boston and if they can silence those Staples Center fans then Boston will be a hard place for the Lakers to win.


2. Defense

The major defense is really preventing Kobe from being the dominant player that he is. Yesterday’s Suns game had some tight defense from Grant Hill but that wasn’t enough as Kobe continued to dominate. But Boston is a better defensive team than the Suns so don’t expect Kobe to dominate in the same way.


3. Winning off the bench

Boston’s bench is going to need to continue to play very well as they have throughout the entire playoffs. The Suns had a deep bench and it to gave the Lakers a lot of trouble. They need someone to step up also from the bench. There is no telling if Ron Artest would totally be able to stop a player like Paul Pierce, but having that deep bench will force the Lakers to also look deep. So far, players like Glen Davis and Rasheed Wallace have been able to step up and make a big difference.


4. Getting Rebounds

Lamar Odom has been a tank with rebounds in the playoffs. Yet, for the Celtics to win this series they must out rebound the Lakers. There were many instances in yesterday’s game against the Suns when the Lakers were able to keep their possessions alive after they missed a shot bec...

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