Silver Linings to Look for During Los Angeles Lakers’ 2014-15 Season

In every cloud there is a silver lining, so the saying goes. And looking for such glimmers in the Los Angeles Lakers’ upcoming season presupposes that the larger outlook will appear gloomy and gray.

But what if the Lakers rock an absolutely awesome 2014-15 season? That would mean the whole thing would be lined with silver and maybe even gold, and we wouldn’t have to search for consolation prizes, right?

On the other hand, last year’s 27-55 season might not be a fluke, in which case fans could either gather torches and pitchforks or look for targets of opportunity among the thunderheads.

We could also look at this as a chance to pragmatically consider positive outcomes in what could be a challenging period of time, as a venerable franchise looks to rebuild in order to resume its rightful place as an elite NBA superpower.

With a new coach, the team enters the season reciting familiar championship aspirations but knowing there’s a lot of heavy lifting ahead, with aging stars, undervalued role players, former draft busts and hopeful rookies.

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