Should the Los Angeles Lakers Take a Chance on Tracy McGrady?

The Lakers and Tracy McGrady have a lot in common. They both have a history of winning, they both are serious when it comes to basketball, but most importantly they both want to achieve postseason success next season.

This is easy to say for the Lakers because they are just coming off their second consecutive championship.

McGrady, on the other hand, still hasn’t made it past the first round of the playoffs, despite being a one of the most skilled players in the NBA at one point.

Now, after playing briefly for the New York Knicks, T-Mac actually has a chance to put himself in a good position to make it past the first round. McGrady recently tweeted that he is interested in joining the Heat, Bulls, Clippers, and the Lakers.

In fact, McGrady worked out for the Clippers yesterday, but if he wants a realistic chance at winning an NBA championship he might want to consider playing for LA’s more popular basketball team, the Lakers.

The Lakers would be a good choice for McGrady, taking into account their success the past few seasons. However, the choice would be up to McGrady, whether or not he would consider providing the Lakers with a bench role.

McGrady looks attractive to the Lakers in the same way the Boston Celtics found Nate Robinson to be an exceptional contributor from off the bench after being a contributor in New York.

McGrady could provide quality minutes as a back-up for Kobe Bryant, which could make a lot of Lakers fans breathe easy after a season where the Lakers needed Bryant so bad they played him with a broken finger.

However, McGrady has had his fair share of injury problems as well. He only played 30 played games last season after having surgery done on his left knee.

Yet, even after he came back he was able to contribute a significant amount to the Knicks, adding 8.2 points and 3.3 assists per game on average.

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